“A-SERA GROUP” və “BOM GROUP” arasında əməkdaşlıq sazişi imzalandı

Bom GROUP, one of the leading companies in the Netherlands, having half a century of experience in a glass greenhouse complex, has reached an agreement on the joint production of glass greenhouses with A-SERA GROUP. Bom GROUP, which has more than 52 years of experience in the glass greenhouse complex, will collaborate with A-SERA GROUP to design metal construction, aluminum profiles, project design, all metal construction parts except alliminium and calculation of loads with Casta software.In order to increase competitiveness in the construction of greenhouse complexes and to provide consumers with greenhouse complexes at affordable prices, Bom GROUP designs the production of iron sections A-SERA GROUP Istanbul,Izmir and at the fabric, which is planned in the future in Azerbaijan. In addition, Bom GROUP plans to produce polyethylene greenhouses in its A-SERA GROUP factories.