We are participating AgroWorld 2018 Uzbekistan Exhibition

On March 14-16 next international agricultural exhibition will be held in Tashkent – capital of Uzbekistan Republic. “A-SERA GROUP” which is involved in the construction of modern greenhouse systems, also will take part in the exhibition. The exhibition, provides a platform for effective communication between members of relevant industries and between government agencies. Along with the presentation of the product, the participants will get a great opportunity to create market demand, competitiveness and expanding business ties. By attending the event, you will be able to earn a chance to establish relationships with the industry professionals and gain access to new proposals.
Professional modern glass, polythelene and polycarbon greenhouse builder, “A-SERA GROUP” invites everyone who wants to cooperate with us. For online visitor registration please visit: http://www.ite-uzbekistan.uz/agroworld/eng/ForVisitors/Invitation-to-show.php