Strategic plan

In our opinion, the “ideal image” of modern greenhouse complexes is a transparent, modern company, rich in professional human capital, state-of-the-art technology, corporate values, culture, capable of achieving a worthy place in Azerbaijan and in the global agricultural sector.




  1. Foreword
  2. Our mission
  3. Strategy
  4. Values
  5. Opportunities and processes that beed to be considered
  6. Goals



A-SERA GROUP, created by a young team of professionals is one of the leading companies in the greenhouse sector. Our company is engaged in the construction of modern greenhouse complexes designed in various styles and sizes using variety of materials, such as glass, polyethylene and polycarbonate. A-SERA GROUP along with the construction of modern greenhouse complexes, also is engaged in the supply, installation and production of agricultural equipment, machinery,  etc. In a short period of time, there were built more than 100 modern greenhouses in Asia and the Caucasus.

The company is considered as a brand today, offers finished projects that meet modern standards. Our main principle is the creation of high-tech projects using high-quality materials to increase yields.



A-SERA GROUP performs the following missions:


 Strategic view

The swift establishment and putting into operation in a short time the modern greenhouse complexes  to our customers, that can produce high quality products.


Leadership- An operational analysis of customer needs in a rapidly changing world, the latest technology, professional features of intellectual and organizational capital, with the effort and desire to achieve the goal.

Quality  – Satisfying customer needs and demands, to gain trust in the company.

Innovation – Innovations, stimulation of continuous improvement and critical thinking.

Inclusiveness – The presence in the company of a culture of trust, sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues.

Loyalty – Successful “talent management”, based on mutual sincerity and strengthening the company’s commitment to strong organizational influence.

Opportunities and processes that beed to be considered.

Positive trends in the external environment create favorable conditions for the successful implementation of the company’s strategic goals.

The presence of political and socio-economic stability in our country guarantees the company the successful implementation of its mission.

Political and socio – economic stability, creates the conditions and the opportunity for sustainable economic development, including the development of agriculture, for the realization the new strategy of modernization of the company.

In recent years, the introduction of technological innovations has been actively developing in our country. This creates favorable conditions for the expansion of the technological base of the company as a whole.


The  main goal of A-SERA GROUP is to create modern high-tech greenhouse complexes in our country and around the world, as well as to improve service in the future.