Acquaculture System

With simple daily maintenance and a design that conserves resources, the Aquaculture System is a great introduction to fish farming. By producing clean, healthy fish, and working for a variety of species included tilapia, catfish, and ornamentals, the Aquaculture System is an effective tool for the home or the classroom.

The Aquaculture System features a 300 gallon tank, two bio-filters, and is designed to move the water by airflow, which means no additional pumps are required for operation. Daily maintenance is as easy as feeding the fish and flushing solids from the collection chamber by opening a valve. The Aquaculture System uses less than 10 gallons of water a day and less electricity than a 60 watt light bulb.

Additional Features
All parts made with durable, quality materials
Includes 300 gallon tank, filtration unit, UL-listed air pump, and all necessary plumbing

Code: TS5577
Price: 4090 USD


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